Complete Care Services for Residential Customers

Compete Care customers enjoy the benefits of our Always There Guarantee*, Smart Monitoring, Auto Fills, Easy Pay option, and a price break on the cost per gallon of fuel. Should you not qualify for Complete Care, or would prefer to monitor your own propane levels, we do have a Call-In program as well.

Always There™ Guarantee

As a Complete Care customer, should any problem ever arise with your propane service, give us a call and we’ll be right there to fix it—any day or night of the year. Through our Always There Guarantee™, we promise to make sure your propane service is steadily and accurately providing comfort you can rely on. That includes your peace of mind.

Auto Fill – Accurate Delivery to Meet Your Needs

With Auto Fill, we provide accurate propane delivery to fit your unique household needs—not a rigid routing schedule. We will take care of monitoring your propane usage and will route a truck to fill your tank, only when you’re getting low. Our Smart Monitoring technology tells us when you need propane, then we schedule the delivery.

Smart Monitoring – Advanced Computer Modeling

Using state-of-the-art Smart Monitoring technology, we automatically schedule a delivery when your tank needs propane by monitoring your usage and factoring in weather forecasts.


Sharp, a Ferrellgas company, uses a sophisticated computer model to estimate your tank level based on your past usage and the actual weather in your area. When your tank reaches a predefined threshold (usually about 20-30% full), we automatically schedule you for a delivery.


But before we fill your tank, we record the actual tank level and compare it to our prediction - making continual adjustments to ensure the accuracy of our forecasts. This means that our system gets more accurate the longer you are a Complete Care customer.


Now that’s smart.

Easy Pay – Predictable and Convenient

We divide your annual estimated propane purchases into level monthly payments, so you can spread out your fuel costs over the course of the year.


Our thorough Safety Check™ inspection for new Complete Care customers (or actual usage data from our Smart Monitoring technology for existing customers) allows our experienced service technicians to calculate your estimated annual usage. We’ll then divide your annual estimated propane usage and tank rental fee into even, predictable monthly bills for the year.


Easy Pay is an exclusive benefit of being a Complete Care™ customer; there is no fee to sign up. To learn more or add Easy Pay to your account, give us a call today at 1-800-932-4315.

Safety Check – Safety is Our First Priority

In addition to regular above ground visual inspections, you’ll receive a complete 7 Point Safety Check of your system by a certified professional as part of our Complete Care service.

Our 7 Point Safety Check is conducted by our highly trained propane professionals and includes a thorough inspection of all components of your propane system. We will also conduct a visual inspection of your appliances and let you know if further inspection by an appliance expert is warranted (an annual inspection of all propane appliances by an appliance expert is recommended for all customers.)

  • Propane tank

  • Piping

  • Regulators and fittings

  • Regulator testing

  • Appliance visual inspection

  • Odor test

  • System leak test