Our Builder Care® Program Involves More Than Just Setting a Tank


For more than 70 years, Sharp Propane, a Ferrellgas company, has been installing quality propane systems and providing propane service that Texas builders and homeowners can depend on. Let us help you deliver a propane home that is reliable, comfortable and energy efficient. We’re committed to delivering complete satisfaction to you and your customers.


Propane System Design


Sharp, a Ferrellgas company, specializes in designing propane energy systems that simplify construction and make the home more comfortable and energy efficient. 


Our propane professionals will:

  • Review design drawing, appliance BTU load and gas line distances to ensure that the system will maintain sufficient pressure to keep all the appliances working safely and efficiently.

  • Help you plan for potential future additions such as a heated pool, outdoor grill or generator.

  • Recommend a tank size and placement that will ensure efficient operation while minimizing construction costs.


Building Site Evaluation


Our team of professionals extensively evaluates the site to ensure that our proposal is comprehensive, accurate, and addresses all the special factors unique to each installation.


Our propane professionals will:

  • Examine the soil quality and depth to identify potential excavation requirements.

  • Identify land elevation and drainage patterns to avoid pooling around the tank.

  • Ensure that the tank location is a safe distance from any structures or property lines.

  • Evaluate tank access to ensure that regular gas deliveries can be completed safely.


Professional Installation


Our trained installers do more than just set a tank. As propane professionals, we are detail-oriented and proactive. Our work is completed thoroughly and professionally - and worry-free for you.


Our propane professionals will:

  • Coordinate timing with you and other subcontractors that are dependent on the gas system.

  • Follow strict installation procedures to ensure the long-term safety and efficiency of the system.

  • Respect your timetable and budget, handling any issues without delaying work or increasing costs.

  • Leave behind a clean, professional installation.


Inspection and Activation


Our Service Technicians inspect their work thoroughly before and after propane system activation to ensure that each component of the installation is correctly and safely in place.


Our propane professionals will:

  • Install regulators and connect service line to the house.

  • Inspect appliance connections for safety and efficiency.

  • Perform a complete system safety check, including inspecting components and connections installed by other subcontractors.


The Transition to Homeowner


Our Builder Care® doesn't stop when the system is activated. Sharp, a Ferrellgas company, goes the extra mile to ensure the conclusion of the new construction project and a smooth transition to the homeowner.


Our propane professionals will:

  • Complete all rebate paperwork

  • Conduct a homeowner walkthrough

  • Establish Complete Care® enrollment

  • Deliver Our Always There™ Guarantee


Start Working with Sharp, a Ferrellgas Company Today!


Our job is to make yours easier by saving you time and money. We understand that thousands of details affect the cost, timing and eventual success of new construction projects. With Sharp’s Builder Care, the propane system won’t be one you’ll need to worry about. The propane professionals at Sharp, a Ferrellgas company, will take care of it—dependably, on time, and on budget. Call us for a proposal today at 1-800-932-4315.